“Marco Antonio da Costa Organ Trio” is the new ensemble led by the Brazilian guitarist, singer and composer, Marco Antonio da Costa. The Hammond Organ has enjoyed astounding resurgence and appreciation in the past 15 years or so. Musicians and audiences around the world have been “re-inspired” by its earthy, warm and bluesy tones. Inspired by the work of countless top Jazz musicians – especially guitarists – who’ve recorded and performed with organ and drums, Marco decided on this instrumentation, adding one extra challenge: to incorporate the Brazilian rhythmic idiom into this sound.   “Marco Antonio da Costa Organ Trio” blends exotic rhythms from Latin America with tasteful Jazz harmonies to create exciting and original songs arranged especially for the beloved, classic “Organ Trio” set-up.



  1. / Protest Vibe / Marco Antonio da Costa / 5:09
  2. / It`s only love / Rob Bargad / 7:05
  3. / A „Bit“ Funk / Marco Antonio da Costa / 6:28
  4. / The Shift / Marco Antonio da Costa / 9:29
  5. / Fora do Fuso / Marco Antonio da Costa & Kadu Mauad / 6:14
  6. / Oleo / Sonny Rollins / 7:28
  7. / Miao Miao / Marco Antonio da Costa / 7:54
  8. / Naturalmente / Marco Antonio da Costa / 6:27
  9. / Jingles / Wes Montgomery / 7:45
  10. / Vivo em Klogenfurt / Marco Antonio da Costa / 6:08



– All compositions by Marco Antonio da Costa, except

Jingles by Wes Montgomery, Oleo by Sonny Rollings,

It`s Only Love by Rob Bargad. Lyrics from Fora do Fuso by Kadu Mauad.

– Recorded at Künstuniversität Graz Tonstudio in Graz, Austria

– 5, 6, 7 july 2014, except “Protest vibe” recorded on 18 dezember 2013

– Studio engineers Ulrich Katzenberger and Alex Zwerzina. Mixing and Mastering by Georg Luksch at Home music studio in Vienna

– Grafikdesign by Kreatives von Andreas Ischka, Graz, Austria



Fabian Supancic – Hammond Organ

Matheus Jardim – Drums

Marco Antonio da Costa – Guitar / Vocal

Special Guests:

Liz Rosa – Vocal

Rob Bargad – Hammond Organ

Thomas Fröschl – Bariton Sax / Flute

Patrick Dunst – Tenor Sax / Clarinet

Adam Ladany – Trombone

Dominik Pessl – Flugelhorn

Emiliano Sampaio – Horn Arrangements



(FERNANDO CORRÊA – Guitar Player from São Paulo, Brazil)

Marco met a few years ago (2005), he was very young, just arrived from his city Natal – Brazil. He was my student at “Souza Lima” and right at the beginning impressed me by his talent and the ease in absorbing musical tips. Right there, we became friends, despite the age difference.

I feel very honored to, in some way, have contributed to the musical success of this young man who brought from the Brazilian Northeast all his sympathy and musical influence of this Brazilian region that is so musical.

Marco showed me the songs on his new album. I would not say I was surprised, because from Marco I can only hope high-level things.

Marco is developing a work which, in my opinion, is the tendency of the modern musician. In the work of Marco, we can see the balance and maturity he had to put all his influences; we note the strong presence of Brazilian rhythms, his experience in jazz studies with his extremely incredibly tasteful improvisations, in addition to his competence as a composer. Wow!!! Such beautiful songs!!! Arrangements are also very well “taken cared of” with the inclusion of wind instruments. In other words, this guy is complete, composer, musician, arranger and producer. Oh!!! Besides all this, he also sings very well.

I loved the readings of jazz standards; Oleo (Sonny Rollins) and Jingles (Wes Montgomery)
Super creative arrangements with uneven bars. Jingles in Samba with B Part in 7 became great.
Oleo carried in that 5/4. What a catch …

Dear Marco, I wish every possible success for you.
Fernando Corrêa


(JULIA SIEDL, Austrian piano player based in Viena, Austria)

The shift, latest release of Marco Antonio da Costa, is a perfect example that high level & complex music can be real fun to listen to. Marcomixes his musical influences from jazz and Brazilian styles and pours them into beautiful, soulful and groovy compositions. Together with his 2 amazing trio partners Fabian Supancic from Croatia (?)on organ and Brazilian drummer and partner in crime Matheus Jardim he creates a warm and organic sound full of musicality, inspiration and excitement.

Marco really is a complete musician – great composer, arranger for all lineups, amazing guitar player and also a singer with a beautiful voice. Check out “Fora do Fuso” , it’s all in there! But above all Marco uses his skills in a most direct and simple way to share his music with the audience and communicate with the band mates. It’s wonderful that there are musicians like him living in Vienna , giving so much creative input and inspiration to the local scene. 

I hope we’ll play some concerts in Brazil together soon !!!!